My Spiritual Awakening Journey

I lived an extraordinary  life, And I have  decided to  share my some of my experiences with you as my journey trough my own spiritual awakening .

After  struggling so mutch  if I should help or not other people I finally reached the positive choice.

There is a huge  amount of ignorance, stupidity, manipulation and negative energy on this planet, so I will do whatever it takes to help however I can.

I will write Here my awakening experience, with the thought to help all of you.

My name is Toni, and  I’m an intuitive worker. I’m here to  raise awareness and help you go trough this transition.

What we as Humans need to realize? We Are  Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience,  but sadly we have been deceived for so mutch time. and forgot about our divine gifts our purpose and our true being.

Imagine, would feel to be blessed with unconditional love and the power to achieve everything you want.
Choose to experience a truly Spiritual Awakening.

I truly feel so sad when I see so mutch people that just destroy and waste their life living without any meaning, it truly just hurt my soul.

Every person experiences a different awakening, remember that, every person has his  own unique journey, Don’t worry, the entire heaven will always reach you a hand if you need it, you just need to learn how to take it, so  be rest assured you are loved,

Trust that we are here on this times to change the world, and only we can do it!  I assure you that the rewards well worth for any of you, that decide to take this path to spiritual awakening.

Remember that Time is not linear. Your mental state changes quite easily your perception of time.  For example  If you are unhappy or bored, time slows a lot. And if you are scared, the time seems to stand still. Or when you feel happy or excited,  the time seems to speed by. The time also resonates with our  frequency, our spiritual awakening, development, as people engaged in high-vibration activities find that time passes more quickly. Start living a life that you will be proud of.